Friday, January 23, 2009

Still sick...

Yupe, Little DinoEgg still have mild fever, with the temperature shooting high of 38Deg in the wee hours, after taking med he is ok *sigh* Decided to let him go to school as the school is having CNY party. The kids are encourage to wear the CNY traditional clothes to school. I would love Little DinoEgg to attend the party in his golden CNY outfit, coz he missed out the fun on Halloween party (Mummy forgot to dress him in fancy clothes).

He was very excited when he sees that I am putting on that set of clothes on him instead of the usual tees n shorts.

When we reach the school, those kids that arrives early are doned in CNY outfits, even the Malay kids :) We meet one little Malay girl wearing a pretty pink cheongsam, so sweet~~~

Guess Little DinoEgg will have a wonderful day today ^^

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