Sunday, February 8, 2009

1st attempt with the chopsticks

This afternoon went to 7th aunt's house for a lou hei. After 7th aunt pour all the ingredients into a big plate we gather around the dinning table to start the lou hei. Little DinoEgg also joined in, Grandpa let him stand on the dinning chair to see all our action but when 7th aunt hand out the chopsticks he also wanna have a pair. Grandpa showed him how to use, he just imitate but think the placement of the fingers and the strength to use is not there. Anyway he joined in too, with his chopsticks criss-crossed n 1 long 1 short hahaha~

After all the stirring exercise to mix all the ingredients together we started to eat the stuffs, Grandpa tried to show Little DinoEgg how to use the chopstick to get a piece of the crispst up. He watched Grandpa with full attention, then he tried to get it himself. He did not succeed at his first try, but he did not give up. Eyes glued to the crisps, criss-crossed chopstick on hand, he tried n tried. Everyone at the table was watching him, mesmerised by his determined look. Finally he is able to pick up that crisps with the chopstick, pop it into his mouth n gave every one a satisfied n proud smile, everyone cheered him.

Soon, the training chopstick will be put to use.

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