Sunday, February 8, 2009

ToyBox - "Enlightenment"

Since I started to mention about ToyBox and how I like it, some of my friends asked me what the whole class is about. Although I feel strongly towards it I could not find the exact words except telling them "its just a class where the kids go there sing song, dance n play some noise makers". Its not a fair comment coz it just tell the other party that "its simply another play group", but I swear that it is not.

After pondering n wondering for the passed weeks, I finally got the answer. Its the way Reuben & Mark conduct the classes.

They do it with PASSION, ENTHUSIATIC & ENERGY, not forgetting that they simply adores children. From the way they interact with the kids you can see it, their eyes sparkles when they interact with them.

As compare to those other same kind of classes, some of the teachers does the classes in a somewhat monotonous, not-too-friendly manner. To them its just "my job", so long they do all the necessary for the class they are ok.

Anyway, another point about Reuben & Mark, they sing n Mark play the guitar throughout the whole hour (can u imagine doing that from 9am till 2-3pm just on a Saturday), no vcd playing from the player; except during the start of the class n toward the end of the class where the children shakes/rattle the musical noise makers n boogie their way. Hey thus their name The Boogie Bug (^^)

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