Saturday, February 7, 2009

Buffet @ Sis'

We hopped over to Sis' ILs house after Athan's baby shower. Every year they will have a buffet at the end of the CNY to celebrate uncle's birthday.

We reached the place at 9pm, the party is nearing the end *ooppsss* but its ok, we came late as I mixed up the time for Athan's party *sorry sis* We helped ourselves with the food and also the special cabbage soup that uncle cook. We chatted and the kids play (fighting for toys too lah of course). Daddy even drank a glass or two of the red wine. I dun dare to touch lest I feel sleepy straight after I drank that.

We left shortly after as it was getting late and we are tored after a days running here n there.

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