Saturday, February 7, 2009

Athan's Baby Shower

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New born baby! We love new born babies!

Received Alex & Amanda's Playhouse Disney invitation card couple of weeks ago, so excited! Its been quite a while we attend baby showers. I remembered the wrong time; its suppose to be for dinner, I thought its for lunch, luckily I took a look at the invitation card yesterday.

We arrived slightly after 7pm mingle a while then we started to have our food. Hahaha~ abit embarassing ya but coz we need to rush off some where so we thought we start first instead of waiting for the rest to arrive, on top of that Little DinoEgg did not have his lunch so he is very hungry. Kids stomach rules! :P

Had a great time chatting n gossiping with the gang, then Bec took out some fire sparks (dunno what its call) n the kids went wild with it. Too bad Bel was not there, she had a tiring day n Wendy decided not to bring her along.

I managed to carry Baby Athan, saw him earlier but the confinement lady was carry him so I did not "snatch" him from her. He is such a darling; chubby cheeks and everything. However I carried him for a little while and he cried... haha~ I dun have "the mother's smell", actually its his milk milk time ^^

We left shortly after for sister's house.

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