Saturday, February 7, 2009

Praying to Tai Sui

We are all under the "offenders" list of Tai Sui 2009 *sob sob* so we have to pay respect to him and offer some offerings to appease his displeasure at us and to ask for blessings for the whole year.

Since SIL is also born in the year of OX, she is also affected. We arranged to meet up at RV to go down to the temple together. At 9am+ we met up and made our way down Seng Ong Temple to pray Tai Sui. We were consider late as the praying sessions start as early as 7am. There not alot of pple n we managed to get into 1 of the sessions pretty fast.

Wow, this year the temple is so well organised. They have a section where u take a queue number so have ur name, date of birth etc written on this yellow piece of paper. Next to this section is where u can buy the papers for blessing n after that burning to offer to Tai Sui. No more walking around the temple aimlessly n wondering which side to go etc. Thumbs up for the temple!

After the ritual me n SIL walked around with Little DinoEgg while the guys pray to the other gods. We saw the Fortune God and decided to pray to him, its been foreseen to be a bad year this year, we need all the help we can to survive it right ^^ We went around the temple and the laid our hands various things they put all over the temple that will give us prosperity for the new year. They even have a section where they show the 12 Chinese zodic signs with their individual fortune for the new year.

While we were reading the details, Little DinoEgg was standing not fare fm us watching two 6 & 7 yrs old boys climbing up and down the stage n playing with the fortune horse. The 6 yr old saw him looking at them, came up to him n did a cat claw at his face. I saw and kept my cool until the boy called out to his older brother and say do the cat claw again. I stood forward and asked him sternly "What are you trying to do?!" He got a shock, froze on the spot and look at me guiltily. I gave him a hard stare then led Little DinoEgg away.

*sigh* Whats with the kids these day! Bullying younger kids when the opportunity arises? Where are all the discipline! *sigh again*

We have to come back before end of 2009 to pray to Tai Sui again for protecting us during the year *Must remember to do that... think I shld write it down somewhere*

More about Ox year 2009 over here.

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