Friday, February 6, 2009

Whats that you say?

When ever Little DinoEgg refuse to do/eat something he will say "I don't want!" very loudly. Surprisingly today when I was feeding him dinner he suddenly blurt out "Mummy, no thanks~ I have finished already."

I couldn't catch what he said, try to give him 1 spoonful of food, he repeated "No thanks~" then shake his head n give me a sweet smile. Then I realised he was telling me he had his filled already. Just to make sure he is not playing punks I asked him again if he want some more rice, he said "No thanks~" sweetly again. After I said ok, he ran off to play with his toys.

Sometimes he will say "later later" if he does not want to eat/drink something or when he does not want to take his bath *HAIYO!*

WOW~ No more shouting of the words I DUN WANT! any more~

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