Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buy me a kite pls~

For the pass weeks I have been talking to May & the gang on going kite flying, it still haven't materialized yet coz everyone is sooooo busy. Whenever we pass by the field at CL LRT there are many people flying their kites, we have pointed out to Little DinoEgg what those are n we are going to fly kites one of these day.

He only see the kites from the car, 1 day we walked pass the playground n saw a daddy fixing up a kite for his son, that's his 1st close up look of the kite.

Just now when I reached home, an excited Little DinoEgg eagerly says to me "Mummy buy kite pls~", I was puzzled, daddy says just now he saw some one flying kite again n wanted one, he told him "Ask mummy to buy for u." Well being so late already, I told Little DinoEgg that we will buy 1 tmr (which I planned to anyway), he was very happy about it... but then 1 min later he totally forgotten about it and was glued to the tv.... kids....

Anyway, lets hope tmr I will be able to buy a kite for him :P

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