Friday, February 20, 2009

My Favourite Day

Saturday Glitter Graphics

Yupe this is currently Little DinoEgg's favourite day of the week. Why? Read on and you will know.

Little DinoEgg : Mummy, I wanna go Uncle Reuben's place.
Me : Not today darling, we are going on Saturday.
Little DinoEgg : I WANNA go!
Me : But darling its not today. What day is today?
Little DinoEgg : *shrugs*
Me : Its Friday!
Little DinoEgg : FRIDAY!!!!
Me : And tomorrow is what day?
Little DinoEgg : SATURDAY!!!!
Me : And Saturday is what day?
Little DinoEgg : Its go UNCLE REUBEN place!!! YEAH!
Me : ... ... ...

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