Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm a Boogie Bug - officially~

Today I made payment for the semester, so Little DinoEgg is officially a Boogie Bug Bug~

I am very certain that I will not regret getting Little DinoEgg into the class. I can see that he truly enjoys the class, even shout out his answer when Uncle Mark asks the kids whats inside the magic bag. And hey! I enjoyed the class too! Singing n dancing n boogie boogie, its a form of R&R for me too. On top of that I hope to burn some fats from all those jumping n dancing hehehe~ Ok ok now I weigh 59kg, can I go down 2kg in the next 3 weeks?? ^^ I hope so~~~

However I feel that the other parents are not participating enough. Singing - Yes, doing the actions - errmmm Yes, a couple of them, getting up n BOOGIE - NO!

Sometimes I feel so awkward when I boogie my way with the kids... kinda silly too... but then I still do, but lesser big actions hehhee~

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