Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mos Brunch

After our Boogie class, we headed to Isetan Mos to have our brunch. Both of us were famish!

We studied the menu together and when Little DinoEgg saw the hotdog, he pointed to it n says he wants that. This is the first time Little DinoEgg eats a hotdog n he is enjoying it~ However seems that its too much for him as he only managed to finished 3/4 of the dog.

I ordered a set meal which comes with the fries... bad idea! When Little DinoEgg saw the fries he abandon his dog n aimed for them! I was so mad that I confiscated the fries, asked the counter auntie for a doggie bag n threw the fries inside. Told him only after he finishes the dog he can have the fries. The counter auntie also join me, say only she has the key to the doggie bag, she will unlock the bag AFTER he finishes the dog. hahaha~ and Little DinoEgg sat down n start munching on the dog.

As usual, being his cheeky self, he could not sit still on the chair to eat the dog. He just have to stand on the chair to jump, shake, make monkey faces, dance etc while demanding me to take his photos! When I put down my camera, he gave me a serious look n say "Mummy, take camera, take picture!" *duhz*

After a while, he gets bored n starts to disturb the uncle sitting back to back against him. 1st he play peekaboo with him, then make funny faces at him, when uncle n auntie leaving he said bye n smile sweetly at them. We then continue our lunch when about 10mins later the uncle came back~ with a star shaped sweet for this little fella. I was so surprised! I guess Little DinoEgg has made him very happy n he wanted to give him something :D Try to see the star shaped sweet in the photos below. Little DinoEgg thought it was a wand (I did not tell him its actually sweet lest he wants to eat it), he waved the wand and said the magic words "Magic magic chocolate~", wonder where he learnt that, most likely in school.

We headed home for a good rest after our enjoyable brunch. I think it will be tiring Saturdays for us from now on. *YAWN*

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