Friday, February 27, 2009

Just recovered from fever

Decided to let Little DinoEgg stay at home even though the fever has not come back since last night. I took leave to take care of him as Granny is not feeling well too.

I know its not right to bring him out but then I just can't stay at home. I always have an urge to bring him out since he seldom goes out shopping. So off we went around lunch time to meet up with Nelly then to Marina Square to meet up with Alice to pass them some things.

Since we have not appetite to eat any decent food, we stopped over at Starbucks where we share a sinful rich chocolate cake *YUMMY!* Little DinoEgg enjoyed it to the max, refusing to share it with me too.

We went home shortly after, dun wanna tired this little fella too much since he is just on his road to recovery.

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