Monday, March 2, 2009

Sakae fan

When I fetch Little DinoEgg from school alone, I frequent Sakae Sushi with Little DinoEgg as I do not like the idea of leaving him sitting at the table while I queue up to buy our food. Moreover he will most likely come down from the chair n come looking for me, thus getting into other pple's way. And for those with tray of hot food n fail to see this little fella walking around, they may walk right into each other thus toppling the tray of hot food. Can't risk this kind of thing.

Now, I do not know he has fallen for the udon or the sushi conveyor belt which he likes to play with, or the waiters & waitresses of the RM branch. Some nights when I decide to go for fast food or food court he will say he wants NOODLE n will pull me towards Sakae Sushi.

And today is one of the night. Daddy is with us and we wanted to have dinner @ food court. I walked ahead of them coz I wanted to get the table by the side where it has a long bench instead of individual seats. While I make myself comfy at the table I was wondering where the boys are, coz I couldn't have walked so fast n left them so far back. I turned n saw them at the entrance, dunno what father and son is up to.

When they finally made it to the table, daddy says that he was making a scene outside, insisting on eating NOODLE which he has no idea what is that. I told him its Sakae Sushi and after a brief discussion, we decided to go to the restaurant instead. Not to obliged Little DinoEgg... ok ok maybe a teeny weeny bit, but mostly coz we feel like having it too. And also becoz HSBC credit card gets 10% off the bill helps make us sway towards Sakae =^^=

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