Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whats that you say?

In a cab, I took off my spectacles and rub my eyes...

Little DinoEgg : Mummy why u take out ur spectacles?
Me : Mummy's eyes itchy so took out my spectacles to rub it
Little DinoEgg : Mummy, you dun take out your spectacles you know? Later the witch take your spectacles away you know?
Me : ... ...

PS : Little DinoEgg likes to dig his nose so I told him if he continue to dig the witch will come n bring him away coz he is naughty.


Daddy n Little DinoEgg lying down on bed. Daddy's feet suddenly have sharp pain n he sat up rubbing his feet.

Little DinoEgg : Pa-pa why?
Daddy *in the midst of agony* : Pa-pa leg pain...
Little DinoEgg : NAUGHTY BED!!! Make Pa-pa pain pain!


Little DinoEgg loves to ask me to read to him, however he has a habit of either gluing his eyes to the tv OR flip another book while I read to him. This always makes me fed up where I have to ask him if he still wants to continue. It happened so many times that one day I got it back fm Little DinoEgg in all the exact words...

We were in the living room watching tv, Little DinoEgg took out his Bob the Builder book, stood beside me n say;

Little DinoEgg : Mummy I read to u.
Me : Ok~
Little DinoEgg uses pointing finger n moves along the words,
Little DinoEgg : Bob the Builder say RUFF RUFF! *Look up at me n said in a stern voice* You wanna listen to me or not!!!
Me : ... ...


Children being children, they always grab things which they are not suppose to. When Little DinoEgg does that I always asked him to give that item to me, now that he is older, this is what he do instead of giving the item to me wilingly;

Me : You are NOT suppose to play with this, it is not a toy!
Little DinoEgg : No!
Me : Give it back to me.
Little DinoEgg : Give it back to me.
Me : NOW!
Little DinoEgg : NOW!
Plus imitating my stern n fierce look.... dunno to continue be angry or laugh my head off.

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