Friday, March 6, 2009

Its a Day Off

Little DinoEgg's school is close today for Teachers' Workshop, I took leave as Granny is unable to take care of him. I decided to bring him out to meet up with Diana @ Esplanda and Alice @ Suntec T3 to pass them some stuffs.

The Stuffs

While waiting for taxi

We waited for Diana at the meeting area at Esplanda, while waiting Little DinoEgg had a "run time" around the big empty space where the stage is suppose to be whenever there is a performance. I only managed to get him to stay still for a while when Diana has arrived. However off he runs again in less then 5mins... even went to play with the dustbin =.=" Anyway I let him be coz I was busy chatting with Diana. 15mins later we parted ways as she has to go back to work.

Of we went, walking our way from Esplanda to Suntec T3, its a long long long walk... luckily the weather is ok, not too hot n humid. Managed to catch Alice before she goes out to lunch.

We were both famish as we did not have any breakfast, so off we go to find some food to fill our stomach. We walked pass Souperlious n I was attracted by their soup. I asked Little DinoEgg if he like pumpkin soup and he nodded his head. So I ordered 1 Golden Pumpkin soup and a Chicked & Ham sandwich. Seeing that I am alone with a child, the supervisor was kind enough to suggest that I find a seat while he sends the food to us. I am suppose to pay at the counter n carry the food myself. Thank goodness for an understanding supervisor *thumbs up*

*Dip dip the bread into the pumpkin soup*

Enjoying the soup

From the photos above you can tell that Little DinoEgg is enjoying his pumpkin soup and a piece of bread.

After a hearty meal of healthy soup and sandwich, we went to Toy"R"Us, no intention of buying anything, just want to let Little DinoEgg play with the toys there. Well, he was so mesmerized by Thomas Train that he took 1 pack of 3 trains (Thomas, Percy & Toby) n asked me to buy. Its a hefy $39.90 for 3 small trains of abt my palm size! Not sure what they do n how to play with them. Tried to distract him with other cheaper ones but he had his eyes on it. So I said "Ok, u hold on to this toy first, lets go walk walk again." Less then 5mins later he spotted a colorful ball~ I told him he can only hold 1 toy at a time, without thinking he pushed the Thomas toy to me *phew*.

All went well till he starts to ignore my call. I told him to follow me closely (since he does not want to hold my hands) n do not wander around. I just finish telling him, turn around and he is gonez. I went around looking for him, but u know the shop, with rows n rows of shelves, he can be any where! I tried shouting out his name too, hoping to locate him when he answer back BUT the darn music in the store is SO LOUD! I finally found him and reminded him sternly again to follow me otherwise the "bad people" will catch him.

Just barely 5mins later he was so engrossed with the toys that he ignore me totally. Told him to get going but he simply refuse. Getting totally pissed n mad, I took him by his hand n off we went out of the store with him crying n wailing. Its straight to the taxi n off we went towards home. Thus ending a pleasant shopping in an unpleasant manner.

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