Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kite Flying Gathering!

The day is finally here for our kite flying gathering!

HOWEVER, sky is not being cooperative... it was sunny no doubt but it was also raining... but with few drops of rain. After discussing with Enry, we decided to go ahead with the hope that the rain clouds will be blown away.

All ready for some kite flying

We set off at 4pm though the meet up time is 4pm :P Blame it on the rain. It was sunny with bit bit of rain, dark clouds at 1 side n windy... and I mean WINDY! Little DinoEgg's hat was blown away! Daddy n me have to scurry after it while it rolls away. Ya u read it correctly, its ROLL, the hat decided to "stand up" on the rim and rolls away!

As the dark clouds looms not far away, I suggested that we go to the field next to the swimming complex in case it starts to rain we can dash into it n sit at the Mcdonald to take cover.

The sky decides to let us have fun today. The rain stays away, the sun shine fiercely n blinding us! Its difficult to take photos with the sun in our eyes. I think the sky knew that its baby Mikael's 1st birthday today and that we are celebrating for him. The sky wants us to have a good time flying the kite n celebrate Mikael's birthday~ THANK YOU SKY! hehehe~

U know wat? All of us came to fly kite knowing nuts about kite flying! And look how much fun we have!

And seeing the rainbow at the end of our tiring kite flying exercise really makes our day!

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