Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gathering at Enry's

We planned for this gathering a month ago~ can u believe that??? Hahaha~ our March events were so packed coz we only have Sundays to bring the kids out :P

Enry booked the function room and the kids room for the occasion but we ended up only use the function room, guess no one wants to leave their kids alone. We chat n eat n eat n chat. The kids enjoy themselves tremendously especially the 2 older kids; Ervin, Francis and Little DinoEgg. Francis brought down his toys to share with the kids. Ended up they chase each other with the big bus n trucks plus quarreling coz he wants this truck or he wants tt bus =.=

Took little photos coz my digi cam battery died on me *duhz*

Next gathering~ swimming at Enry's place~~ yeah! I missed the 1st swimming gathering so can't wait to go for the next one.

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