Friday, March 27, 2009

Zoo Trip

Little DinoEgg's school is having an excursion to the Zoo today!

How can I miss this time when I did not managed to go Jacobs Ballas last year. Since daddy is not working, I checked with the principal whether both of us can go. She told me if there is vacancy then it is ok. Well it turns out that not many parents are keen on going to the Zoo so both of us were able to go, so happy!

We woke up at the usual time then went to have a yummy toast n eggs breakfast at RM. Parents suppose to meet at 9.15am for a briefing, we were there on the dotz! Oh ya only a handful of parents :(

Anyway since Little DinoEgg is in N1, both of us are helping teacher Violet & teacher Sue. There are 13 kids, some of them went over to their elder siblings class so there are abt 10 kids left, so each of have handles 2 kids. We set off for the zoo at around 9.45am, the whole school went; except for the babies, all 70+ kids!

It was an excursion for the school, means the other 2 branches were going too. So there are about 200 kids waiting at the Zoo entrance. It took us abt 30mins before we are able to get our tickets n going through the entrace. We made it for the Splash Safari show though. All of us enjoyed the show, the kids were squealing n giggling when they see Philip the sea lion, the penguins n the pelicans.

Then we took a slow walk over to Elephants at Work & Play, the show has already started, nevertheless the kids love the elephants. After the show we took a rest at the show area coz every one is so tired... alot of walking! Actually planned to stay back in the zoo n head off to the Kidz World after the school's excursion ends, but heard thunder :(

We rested for like 20mins, eat snacks n the teachers took photos, then we head back to the entrance. We walked passed the white tigers exhibit where the kids ooo n arrhhhh at the tigers who are sun bathing on the rock. Then walk n walk n walk pass the Tapirs. Then we walk n walk n walk n walk some more till we reach the entrace~

Woah, alot of walking ya? And u know what? Not a single younger kids wanted to be carried, not even those tired ones. They were cranky coz they were tired but they dun wanna be carried~ They walked n walked till they are up on the school bus AND most of them knocks off within mins hehe~

It was a short 3hrs plus excursion but was fun. The kids were all very well behaved surprisingly. Looking forward to their next excursion~

Oh ya, u must be wondering why there are no photos. Well our hands are full, literally~ hahahaha~ We are holding the little hands of 2 kids; one at each hand hehe~ Plus eyes have to keep a look out for the older kidds who runs freely n every where. No more free hands to take out the camera to take pictures.

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