Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter of Complain

I have commuted via taxi very frequently; both during my passed employment and now whenever I go out with Little DinoEgg. I have my fair share of meeting the different faces/types of taxi uncles. Some are good some are bad. Whenever I had a bad experience with a bad taxi driver, most of the time I will either complain to daddy, call the taxi company's customer service hotline or take down the car plate number to write a complain letter later (but I always forget/lazy to write).

A short ride home from Granny's house made me so unhappy that I decided to sit down n pen down my complains.

Following is the taxi company's online Feedback Form which I filled in. There are al ot of short forms, maybe sentence construction error etc coz there is number of characters limits thus cannot write too formally as it will not fit into 1 form;

Taxi Number: SHBXXXXU
Taxi Type:
Driver's Name:
Driver's Gender: Male
Driver's Race: Chinese

Me and my 2yr old son boarded taxi SHBXXXXU for a short trip home n got a stressful 10mins ride.

During the short ride;
1. When turning at a traffic light from Rivervale Drive to Seng Kang Eastway, he did not stop to let pedestrian cross the road, making a teenager n a woman jump a step back to avoid being hit by the taxi.

2. Accelerate n when nearing the car in front, instead of slowing/stopping, he just swerve into the next lane w/o checking the traffic or signal.

3. Turning fm Seng Kang Eastway to Anchorvale Road, did not slow down. The force cause both of us to fall onto the seat (son was sitting on my lap). When we managed to right ourselves up, no apologises from the driver. I told my son to hold tight in case fall down again. Driver spoke rudely "Best is to put on seat belt!"

4. When I finally reach my destination, I requested for a receipt, instead of printing it out, driver rudely say "Give me the money first!", then he prints it out.

I understand that it is my responsibility to put on seat belt but couldn't he say so nicely instead of driving recklessly? And since a child is on board, shouldn't he drive safely?

Thanks & Regards



Here's the reply I got from the taxi company;

Our ref: 20090XXXX

Dear Mdm Lim

I refer to your email as attached and am sorry about the unpleasant incident which you and your son have had

Please be assured that we will look into the matter and mete out the disciplinary action against the driver concerned. We will file this case into his service record and will closely monitor his performance.

Once again, our apologies on behalf of the driver concerned for the anxiety he may have caused you. We will reinforce measures to ensure our drivers comply with the code of service conduct as set by the company.

Yours sincerely
Customer Service Centre
C******D***** - Taxi Business


Not sure whether they will really look into this matter or not.

I have never like to complain about a specific taxi driver coz I know its really tough for some of them to earn money to feed their family. They are always racing against the clock n traffic to earn "just another dollar".

This particular taxi uncle is really too much, he is being rude, reckless & inconsiderate. I was ready to forgive him but his rude attitude to demand money fm me made me decide to complain about him.

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