Saturday, March 21, 2009

Visit to Seng Kang Fire Station

Our visit is finally here (after getting confused with the dates to go hehehe)!!! Ytd daddy told Little DinoEgg about it and he was very excited as he's very fascinated with fireman.

Woke up early today, meeting the rest at 9.45am at the station :) We were out of the house at 9.45am and reached the fire station at 9.55am. No sign of the rest. Text May and she said she has been trying to get a cab since 9.30am and still cannot get one! Madness! When u need a cab there is ALWAYS none at sight! Text Enry and she says "we're on the way"... eh... late already lor~~ hehehehe~~ she is walking here her relatives, under the HOT sun too! How to walk!!!!

Then 10mins later....

The fire men were very friendly n initiative, when we were sitting on the bench waiting for the rest, a few of them walked up to ask whether we are here for the tour. Well, different from my prospective about them being unapproachable.

I thought the fire station will be a bored place for adults, more fun for the kids but I was wrong. We get to do alot of things that even adults can enjoy n gain some knowledge.

  • We rode the ladder, which when extended can reach 7 storey high.
  • We rode in the fire engine and went onto the road, took 1 round around the fire station premises.
  • Kids play with the jet hose and water gun.
  • The fireman even gave us a short demostration on how they slide down from the fireman pole. (I think all of them can become the pole dancer hehehee~)

Photos for the visit

Group Picture

The boys with the fire men

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