Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught some fishes

We planned to catch longkang fish but was not really confirmed as the weather is so unpredictable. We agree to call each other in the morning if it is confirmed.

The sun is out n it was a good day. I texted the rest that we are going n meeting them at 10am there. However May said they just check out from the chalet so unable to join us, Enry says Francis is still sleeping. So only Lynn n us were there.

We had a fun time, the kids were so excited to see fishes in the drain n being caught by us. And we thought the guys should be the one doing the catching right? Well wrong :P Its Lynn who get down to the drain to catch some fishes for QiQi while the hubby walks around n take care of Kayden.

We went for lunch at the nearby food court before heading home separately.

Here the snails n fishes daddy caught.

Later that day I received a text fm Lynn that all her fishes died! Winder why? Maybe she put them into tap water. Ours are still surviving coz we jus throw them into our fish tank.

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