Monday, April 27, 2009

Bath Time is Fun Time

Bath time is always fun time but Little DinoEgg always gets scolded for either pulling the hose, grabbing the shower head, playing with water on the floor etc etc. He loves playing soap bubbles, always wants daddy to blow some bubbles.

So I got him a cute bath mittens; a pair for him n a pair for daddy or me to use ^^

Cute right? Bought them from Itsy Bitsy ME!

Little DinoEgg loveee the crab & the blowfish~ We can have loads of fun bathing AND teaching him to bath himself. Now when I say clean which part of his body he will be scrubbing away giggling n laughing. He always insist that I put on mine when I bath for him. I am not afraid that I will accidentally scratched or poke him on the neck, ear body etc

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