Monday, April 13, 2009

A little Episode @ KP

Went to Kiddy Palace to get some wet wipes n a toy gun for Little DinoEgg. Saw 2 toy machine guns but cost $10+, my budget is to get a $3-$5 gun. However Little DinoEgg insisted on one of the machine gun n refused to put it back. So I went further down to see if I can get any cheaper toy, one tt is within $10 or less.

Well, my mistake :( coz we came upon some toy trucks that cost $22+! And being obsessed construction vehicles, he saw them n immediately ran back to the machine gun section n put it back, then dashes back to the vehicles n grabbed a big toy truck repeating "Mummy I want this, mummy I want this." I looked at the price n my eyes popped out, tried to dissuade him to put it back while we look at some other toys but he refuse to put it down. Then a big excavator caught his attention... he grabbed it n still going ong "mummy I want this, mummy I want this."

My dissuasion failed, so I took action. Gently take the truck n excavator out of his hand n back to the shelf but he immediately took it down again. And so a round of take truck down, put truck back, grab the excavator, put the excavator back.... Feeling a lost war, I decided to quickly walked back to the gun section n grabbed the machine gun, trying to distract him. The minute I turn away, this little boy started to drag the 2 toys towards the exit. Ok ok I have to describe the toys better. The toys are big, and with their packaging, it hits Little DinoEgg's knee cap n its too bulky for him to carry in his arms. So our determined boy dragged 1 one the floor n try to hold the other one in his arms, walking abit bent coz the toy is heavy for his small arms, he uses his thigh to support the weight. Aye! I am not sure whether to laugh or be angry with him... ... ...

I quickly walked back to him n took them back from him. That was the meltdown point. He cry out loudly in protest, tried to pull me back to the toys n ended up fell down on his butt. Then he just sat down there n starting cry. That got some curious and disapproving look from some parents, coz he was sitting in the middle of the road.

I went down to his level and start to talk to him, told him that he have to ask daddy whether mummy can buy that toy for him. More crying... I reminded him that we are here to get a toy gun, not any other toys, if he wants to buy the truck n excavator he has to speak to daddy about it. Crying reduced to sobbing. I proceed to tell him that we are also here to get the wet wipes too, asked him whether he wants to help me find the penguin wet wipes n he nodded. So off we went to get the wet wipes just barely 7 mins after the meltdown.

When we got our wet wipes, I stop n squat down to talk to Little DinoEgg. I told him calmly that we shall go back to the toys section to get the silver gun n he said "ok~" When we are near the section, he ran happily up to the gun n grabbed the toy silver gun.

I have requested the cashier lady to remove the packaging, before I give it to Little DinoEgg I told him that he is not allowed to press to make the noise until we reach home, he said "ok". And u know wat, he really did not press the trigger, not even half a time, not even while we are in the cab! Good job son!

Well with regards to the episode earlier, I feel proud with both of us; me for not blowing my top when Little DinoEgg is being difficult, which I usually will. Little DinoEgg for being well behaved n willing to listen to some reasoning. Well done son! Mummy is so proud of you!

PS : Since he was only allowed to play with the gun when we are home, he REALLY play it hard! Keep pressing the trigger n making the noise!!! Driving me nuts soon!

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