Monday, April 13, 2009

My 1st gun

Daddy was commenting on Little DinoEgg playing with the tea time set is too "girly", though 6th Grandaunt bought him an army toy set which comes with a rifle, a helmet, a knife n a grenade, I do not allow him to play with that as I know he will use the rifle to hit the floor, sofa, people. So the only gun that I allow Little DinoEgg to play with is the finger gun *lol* Thus I decided to get him a toy gun so that he can feel "manly"

Went to Kiddy Palace to search for a good n not too x gun. Saw a few n its like over $10 :( There were only 3 guns in the store (Pls lor KP, get more toy guns ISO those toys vehicle can or not???) I saw the 1st two $10+ guns I was disheartened... so I tried to look for other cheaper toys, already promised Little DinoEgg that we are getting a gun so must try to find a toy for him, plus he was so well behaved during our dinner @ Ajisen. Went further down the roll of toys n found some trucks, thot it would be cheaper BUT I was so wrong! They cost $20+!!! And Little DinoEgg aimed 2 of them; a truck and an excavator. This caused a scene, see next post for details.

Anyway I managed to coax Little DinoEgg to get this gun which cost $6 and we went home happily.

However, after letting Little DinoEgg play, I kinda regret I bought this coz;

1. the noise! Its getting into my head already just barely 15mins later!
2. there are bright neon lights at the front n middle of the gun when u press the trigger. Was afraid Little DinoEgg will keep staring at the bright neon lights.

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