Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gone Fishing

Couple of weeks ago, daddy found a new place to catch some fishes from the longkang aka big drain. He has been wanting to bring Little DinoEgg to catch some fishes but it rains on the passed Sundays. Finally this afternoon, the sky looks clear, not too sunny and no dark clouds around. We thought we go ahead with the fishing, I even text May to see if she wants to go along. We got ourselves pretty excited.

However a thought suddenly strike daddy... "what IF there are no fishes in the longkang??" All of you might be wondering why we have such thought. Well, the fishes are actually the runaways from the nearby fish farm, they either escaped while the workers change the water OR they threw them out coz they are either dying or of poorer grade/quality. SOOO~~~ daddy decided to go down to take a look first before me & Little DinoEgg head down.

20mins later daddy called back n say ok to come down, SHOULD have fish coz 1 idiotic P** man used a gigantic net to blocked the fishes from upstream, we shall try our luck at another longkang. So we got ready, when we are about to go out daddy call back n say it started to drizzle! Little DinoEgg was so disappointed :( Keep crying n wanted to go out and catch fish. Daddy came back later n he went up to him to "protest", sorry son....

Later the rain seems to have stopped and we decided to bring Little DinoEgg to the fish farm to catch some guppies... well if we can't catch FOC longkang fishes, at least he gets to catch some fishes right? Half an hour later we went off with 5 guppies; 3 bright orange and 2 golden ones. And u guessed it, Little DinoEgg caught 4 of them; of course with daddy's help, n he is all smiling again.

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