Friday, April 10, 2009

Steamboat Gathering~~

Its been quite a while since we hold any gathering at our house coz either we are busy or our friends are. And finally~~~ we got friends coming over with their whole kampung, circus etc etc hehehe~ for a steamboat lunch *yum yum*

I tried to take pictures for the gathering but still forgot to charge my digi cam since the last time, n it died on me again. Here are 6 pictures that I managed to take ^^

We had a good time eating n eating n eating hehe~ leaving the kids to play by themselves with May's maid helping to look after. And we managed to finish the prawns~~ left few pieces of fishes, a handful of chicken n few pieces of beancurd.

Enry went for a tour at my humble house n keeps commenting its bigger then her apartment, now makes her want to buy a HDB unit instead. Enry my dear, good investment so plan n go ahead ya :P

Seems like every one is a food lover~ so we may have more of the food gathering regularly. Plus Little DinoEgg can't get enough of his "kor-kor Francis".

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