Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh the whining!

Oh I am going CRAZY! Little DinoEgg has decided to become a broken record today! He's been coming to me whinning n crying.

I was busy with my work, he took his Barney's Adventure Hunt n bug me to read to him.

I told him "later, mummy is busy." 5 secs later
"Mummy I want Fireman Sam."
"Darling, its not show time yet, must wait n see later have or not."
"Dun have how to show u?"
"Its tv, not video, how to on it for u?"
"I wantttt~" *starting to whine*

I ignore him...

5mins later he take his Adventre Hunt n bug me to read to him again. I got so fed up that i scold him. Here I am trying to finish my stuffs and he is here bugging me non stop! In the end I bring him into the bed room for his nap.

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