Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relieve finally

Daddy's feet is painful again! Ytd it was so painful that he couldn't stand up, on top of it his toes started to turn BLACK!

Today I managed to persuade him to visit the TCM which Little DinoEgg has been going to for the pass few weeks, we went over in the evening.

Daddy took the pain killer n his feet are ok except for pain when he put his weight on them. He was sort of dragging his feet too. After telling the TCM doctor what happened, he took a look at the leg n told us that its the blood circulation problem. After accessing the situation the TCM doctor decides to give daddy the needle aka acupunture. He stick the needle into daddy's feet, I was not sure where as I was not around, was outside with Little DinoEgg, by time we came back its been done. Daddy says its VERY PAINFUL! After that he could actually stand and walk w/o feeling any pain! That is really very good news to us. The TCM doctor prescribe some powder medicine for us to bring back to eat for the next 4 days.

Daddy is so happy that his feet is not feeling so painful anymore. We should have gone to see the TCM doctor earlier. This is becoz the western doctors were unable to cure his feet problem. Doctor says he has injured his feel muscles n veins thus need a long time to recover. They only gave him some cream to relieve the pain n some pain killers. 5 months! Daddy suffered 5 painful months! NOW he can be rid of this problem soon! Yippeeeee!!!

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