Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ginergerbread Man - ACE Festival 2009

Today is the day~ after a power nap at home, dragged Little DinoEgg out of the house, getting him excited with the thought of seeing Gingerbread Man. While in cab he dozed off again n refuse to wake up when we are about to reach the theater. Result - cranky, uncooperative & protesting kid. He decided to be a koala bear n refuse to come down and walk. Had a hard time looking for our seats while carrying him n my bag at the same time plus walking into a dim light theater.

After we settled down, well sort of settled down, I text Thomas who is sitting at the other end with his family. He was so nice to pop by and say Hi :) we had a brief chat n he went off back to his seat. A while later he came back with his elder son hehe~ appears that his handsome son wants to meet this cranky little boy. So sweet~ but Little DinoEgg was too cranky to be friendly.

Anyway, when we first stepped into the theater Little DinoEgg started to whine n say wanna "take taxi n go home" =.= My guess is the theater is too dark for his comfort, plus with so many kids talking, screaming, laughing at the same time in an enclosed dark place, it sort of freaks him up. I tried to distract him by getting him interested in the props on stage. That got him quiet for like 5mins then he starts again "mummy I wanna take taxi go home!"

On top of that, he decided to sit on my lap hiding his face on my chest then to sit on the chair alone. So when the show starts, he rather sit n watch in this way then to turn around. Only when the Cat, dog n duck puppets appears then he decided to turn around, coz better view of the puppets hahaha~ When Gingerbread man comes out he was so excited! Keeps telling me Gingerbread Man naughty, cannot tease pple, tie the cat with rope etc etc.

Well I enjoy the performance too~ it was lively with catchy tunes n songs which sends the kids laughing n giggling. It was interactive too, kids were excited n eager to shout out NO! YES! etc when Little Old Man asks questions. Got me all excited too haha~

Overall, despite the unhappy start of it, all ended well. Little DinoEgg enjoy the performance and in the taxi going home, he couldn't stop talking about the naughty Gingerbread Man.

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