Saturday, May 30, 2009

ToyBox @ National Museum

After our Boogie Class, we flew back home so that Little DinoEgg can have an early nap. At 5mins to 4pm we were at the National Musuem, sort of late coz I have actually planned to reach there early to get a good seat. Its an open space performance with free seating, thus a good seat with good view of the play is important. But alas, we reached late and have to find a spot by squeezing thru pple n view is partially blocked. Even though Little DinoEgg has to stand up to be able to see his favourite Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark he does so happily coz he can sing n dance to the music.

There were alot alot of kids of different ages... All sitting down and eager to listen to Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark singing n acting. The situation got kinda out of hand as the kids moved too near or touch the props. The duo have to keep asking them to sit back or gently take the props away fm them. The museum staffs who was suppose to ensure order did not help them but just stood by and watch instead.

I wasn't paying attention to the play at the later part coz Little DinoEgg has ran up to the front to see and hear clearly as the other kids were either standing up or kneeling down, thus blocking his view. My attention zoomed in at home lest he pushes or got pushed by some other kids. However I like the puppet :) Uncle Reuben really know how to make the orang utan look so real :)

After the play we took a slow walk to Plaza Singapura for some window shopping. Along the way we met Singa~

When we are outside Plaza Singapura I suddenly remember that they are having dinosaurs exhibitions! So I enter the building from the side door, I pointed out to Little DinoEgg about the dinosaurs and asked if he wants to go there to take a look. He immediately freeze n say NO! So I have to take the escalator up to the 2nd floor. However once we are up there, he insist on looking down on the dinosaurs, pointing to them n asking me questions, sounding so excited. I guess to see from far is ok with him haha~

After a quick round of Plaza Singapura we sat down at Secret Receipe for a Gourmet Pie and Smartie Treat *Yummy Yummy* then head out to Granny's place for another yummy dinner.

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