Friday, May 1, 2009

Istana May Day Open House

We wanted to go at the last open house but did not so we decided to go this time. We actually planned to go out of the house at 10am but decided to go in the late afternoon as the sun is so hot. Then a phone call came n we were out of the in abt 30mins time.

The sun is definitely going full force! So sunny n hot! We alighted at Concorde Hotel n took 5mins walk to Istana. When we were nearing, we saw crowds n queue. With the recent H1N1 pandemic (see MOH for details), Istana is stepping up on the prevention n checking. After about 15mins or so, we were finally at the start of the line. Quite disappointed thou coz there were so many people queuing and only 1 St John student with a thermometer to measure our temperature.... ... Couldn't they have station another 1 or 2 to speed things up?

It was a long long long long walk into the Istana. Anyway there were nothing much to see except for trees, grass, pond, more grass, more trees, plus the sun is so scorching hot that we weren't enjoying it very much. However, we persist, thought maybe we will find something else at the other side of the curving road. What we found is a tentage, some tikes slides, play house etc and the most beautiful thing in our eyes~ Some one selling DRINKS & at a price of $2 per mineral water... ... But who am I to complain, next time REMEMBER to bring own water.

After taking some photos, we decided enough is enough, even Little DinoEgg is starting to protest. We took the long walk out but this time it was faster n cooler, coz we were going down hill and clouds were hidding the sun~

Well, maybe we try to go to Istana at the next open house... when the sun is not so hot... ...

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