Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jacobs Ballas again~

Couple of days ago we were talking about bring our kids out for some R&R n Jacobs Ballas came into our mind. So then and there we decided to head down to Jacobs Ballas today so that our kids can enjoy some fresh air & sun plus Lois can play with her new toy. Taking into consideration the crazy weather of scorching sun, we arranged to meet up at 8.30am but alas… everyone’s late with 1 party “flying us aeroplane” (haha~ she is going to complain very loud to us about this). Nevertheless, I took a cab to meet up Lois n her handsome boy then made our way to Jacobs. Luckily the cab driver knows roughly where the places is and THANK GOD for Street Directory!

We reached Jacobs at 9am but didn’t see Nicole, text her n she said her hubby made a wrong turn so they will be late, ask us to go in first. Of course we waited for her, how can leave out the youngest one n start the fun first? Anyway Lois is fidgeting with her new toy’s strap so we couldn’t go yet, that is one of the reason we came to Jacobs right? No toy no fun!

And fun we did have~ especially at the water area. Not sure is it becoz of his love of water or becoz he has been there a few times, Little DinoEgg dived right into the water! He was the 1st one among the 3 boys to get wet from HEAD to TOES! The one who screams the most when the water at the fountain went missing and back again. The one that do most of the dashing from the fountain to the sprinkler n back, chasing after the water. He even got his watering can filled with water n chasing me trying to get me wet *shakes head*

Look at his cheeky smile

Dunno why the 2 young ones suddenly show glum face

Do you know what is Lois' new toy?

After about 2 hours in the sun we took a rest at the main entrance, cooling off n resting our tired feet. Well, at least the adults are, can't say the same for the boys. Little DinoEgg suddenly remembered his red ball which he insist on bringing out this morning n took it out to play with the 2 Josh. Little DinoEgg & Big Josh had a great time playing with the ball while Little Josh went off n find his own games with his daddy.

Took a cab with Lois n headed for home. Dead tired after that... but I think Little DinoEgg was over stimulated, he kept playing n running around the house refusing to settle down for his nap. I have to force him into the bedroom, draw the curtains, gave him milk n make him lie down. Even that also did not make him nap, daddy took over and 15mins later stomped out of the room angrily with Little DinoEgg sobbing... ... Aye ya-ya-ya-ya! He came up to me for comfort. I have to coax him to take his nap. A while later daddy sent him back into the bedroom with him sobbing again... but 5mins later he was in his dreamland. *sigh* Have to be scolded then willing to go to sleep.

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