Saturday, May 2, 2009


The 2 little imps have been fighting, pushing, hitting, since young; when baby time it was Han "bully: Little DinoEgg, when older it was mostly its Little DinoEgg bully Han due to jealousy. Now that they have grown up n more vocal, it has escalate to squabbles.

These happen during the long May Day weekend.

They came over for a majong session, 2 little imps were playing n doing some coloring. Han took some color pencils that Little DinoEgg put near him (well thou sharing but still will have YOUR color pencils and MY color pencils).

Little DinoEgg : NO! Cannot take!
Han looks blur
Little DinoEgg : You so FAT!
Han ignore him


At Granny's house, going home. Every one wore their shoes, took their bags etc, crowding at the door. Han is outside, Little DinoEgg standing at the door. We were saying all our byes.

*Han came up to Little DinoEgg, put her face near to him, nose almost touching*
Han : Bye Ah Zheng!"
*Han point to Little DinoEgg's nose*
Han : I dun like YOU!
*then laff n run away*
Little DinoEgg : Hey! You cannot say dun like me!!!
Turn around n complain to me;
Little DinoEgg : Mummy, Cousin Han say dun like me!
*show me a sad face*


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