Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knowing the Time

Since Little DinoEgg started to have a craze over Animal Mechanicals which is currently showing on Playhouse Disney 8pm from Mon-Fri, he's been bugging me EVERYDAY that he wants to watch that show; regardless of the time and day...

Initially no amount of explaining that the show is only on certain days and at certain time can stop his cries. When daddy managed to convinced him that AM only shows on weekdays, he started to ask for it way before the time. So last week I decided to teach him to know the TIME.

Of course he would not understand the word "O'clock", "short hand", "long hand" etc, well, I was prepared... I bought a paper clock a year ago (ya abit kia-su right??) so I took it out and showed it to him. We stood in front of our clock in the hall, I turned the hands to show 8 o'clock n tell him to compare it with the clock on the wall. I told n showed him "when the short hand move to number 8 n long hand move to number 12, its 8 o'clock. This is the time Animal Mechanicals will be showing."

First time of course he do not understand. The following days, whenever he asks for it again, I will ask him to take his paper car clock (which is fixed at 8 o'clock) n go to our clock n compare the time. I will ask him whether is ti 8 o'clock yet? And he will happily run back n tell me, not yet then will wait patiently for his favourite show.

A week have passed and this morning he showed me that he knows the time; well at least the term "o'clock". Daddy asked him to show him 1 o'clock n he moved the short hands to number One, I thot it was pure coincident so I tested him again. Asked for 5 o'clock n he gave me the correct answer~

Well done! Next step is to teach him the minutes on the clock *grinz*

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