Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Dun Like Dinasuars!

National Museum is having an exhibition on dinosaurs (or something like tt), when we were at the Carnival, the MC said they are making appearance. We were waiting with high anticipation, coz this is the 1st time Little DinoEgg will be seeing a "real-life" dinosaurs, instead of those fm the cartoon.

When the dinosaurs appeared, it was actually human size! A man is wearing the suite and another person is holding on to a stick tt is attached to the dinosaur's head, from there he is able to control the dinosaur's expression, head n mouth movement. Little DinoEgg was excited to see the dinosaurs UNTIL the man made a low growl (there is a microphone attached near his mouth), it came so sudden n sort of loud as we were quite near the man that Little DinoEgg freaked out! He let out a loud scream and say "Mummy NO NO NO! I wanna go home! Mummy go THERE! GO THERE!!!!" No amount of coaxing could stop him from crying... and I cannot leave my spot coz we are queuing for the face painting =.= Finally the dinosaur moved away n I managed to calm him down.

Later when we are at the Chill-Out! area, a smaller dinosaurs came visiting... And Little DinoEgg goes crazy again! This time I carried him n hid at one corner, not too far away, just near enuf for him to see the dinosaurs. I wanted him to know that its a fake dinosaurs and it will not eat up children. Dunno who gave him that idea!

After the dinosaurs walked pass him, Little DinoEgg can still describe to me what did it do, how it walked etc... So at least I know he is still able to take in all the info and things I told him even while he is crying. Not too bad, ears are "open" every time hehehehee~

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