Sunday, May 24, 2009

National Musuem's Carnival for Children's Season 2009

Yupe, me n Little DinoEgg headed for the Carnival alone as the other friends were either not interested or have other prior arrangement.

We reach National Museum at 1115am, had some quick bites of the kueys then walk around the small Carnival. There were nothing special to look at or participate, kinda disappointed with it. Though there are things like stone painting, face painting, free popcorn, free portrait etc, its such a LONG queue! And the canvas did not managed to shield us queuing behind from the hot n glaring sun! As I am alone with Little DinoEgg, we have to stay in queue to get the face painting n the portrait. If daddy came along at least 1 of us can accompany him to walk ard.

We queue for like 25mins for the face painting, of coz Little DinoEgg was impatient etc, but when its his turn he was all excited. I told the girl to paint on his arms instead as he was perspiring and all that, scared the thing did not last pass the next 30mins. Little DinoEgg sat down patiently n quietly while the girl painted the giraffe on his arms. After tt he was extremely happy with the giraffe~

After a long time under the sun both of us need a break badly so we headed inside the museum. We went to the Chill-out section where they have a small table with 3-4 chairs, some color pencils and papers for the kids to doodle. I think the table is too small, color pencils n papers are not enuf to go around. Little DinoEgg couldn't join the fun at the table n was abit upset. Anyway I managed to distract him with the velcro flowers on the wall. They have these round board with a flower print, has a velcro behind where u can stick it to the "stems" on the wall. Some object for kids to climb n sit on. Basically plain running around n have fun.

After a while we went out as it was time for the portrait guy to start his shift. *sigh* Long queue again! Lucky I bought along my portable small fan, so while queuing still can enjoy a small amount of breeze :P This time queuing time shorter, abt 15mins. The guy took like 3mins to finish Little DinoEgg's portrait, but I was abit disappointed... coz it does not look anything like my son! *sigh* nvm lah...

Move on to balloon sculpture! Super LONG QUEUE! And can u believe it! A father n son actually join us to watch the juggler with us who was performing near the line then when the act ends he stood there pretending nothing is happening. I saw them then noticed the young parents queuing 2 spot behind me trying to stand in front of the boy. I asked them if he was here earlier then them coz I dun remember seeing them. When they replied tt he just cut queue, my alarm went off (blame it on the constant queuing n under the hot hot sun!)! Told the father did he join the queue n he has the cheek to tell me YES n that spot is the last of the queue right? I told him right off, saying that 3 family (Me, the mummy behind me and the young couple behind the mummy) are together! Then he still dare to say "ok then i will stand here." Here meaning behind the young couple. I told him off again saying the end of the queue is way way way back there! So he had no choice have to go off.

A while later a boy of 8, 9 years old came trying his luck! He came up to me as I m second in the queue to "Pls let me go first~ pls pls pls!!!!" Told him off say if I let u go first then all the uncles and aunties behind me will be very mad with me, so "you better start queuing up." I cannot believe it!

Anyway, we got our T-rex balloon n off we went toward home coz it was already 330pm+ Little DinoEgg has missed his nap n is super duper tired.... To make things worse... I chose the wrong way to walk, ended up at SMU with no taxi stands etc... Have to walk all the way to North Bridge Road before we managed to hop on to a cab. Little DinoEgg KO in a short while, guess he was really very tired with today's outing.
*See my Green T-Rex~*

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