Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Big Club Concert

Normally I do not like these kind of concert coz its waste of money but this one has got Little DinoEgg's favourite characters; Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, BJ & Baby Bop, so I thought "Why Not?" 1 price to see at least 3 characters at the same time. So May went ahead and book the tickets for us n here we are~

Anyway nothing fantastic about the show, Little DinoEgg has been asking me "Where is Fireman Sam?" the minute we stepped into the hall till we sat down. Even while waiting for the concert to start he still ask the questions but sometimes its Fireman Sam, sometimes its Bob the Builder and only once or twice Barney. When the concert starts with the band he was all so excited but still ask me "Mummy how come Fireman Sam is not here?" *faintz* And when he did come out he was escalated! But when other characters that he is not familiar with comes out he was all quiet... then came Bob the Builder, Wendy & Spuds! He perked up n was happily watching them... then he got quiet again... yawning a few times too... it was like a roller coaster ride hahah~ During the 15mins break, he got bored n told me he wants to go home! I have to remind him that Barney is coming out next, he accepted it n waited patiently for the show to start again.

And I guess he was both bored n tired (it was his nap time), that makes him decided to misbehave during the interval. I have to drag him out of the seat with him crying to the entrance n gave him a piece of my mind. He stood there sobbing, tears on his face, looking sad n watching pple walking pass him for a full 5mins before he calm down enough to listen to me.

10mins later, we went back to our seats n wait patiently for the show to start n for Barney to come out. Funny thing is when Barney comes out Little DinoEgg was not particularly interested, when BJ, Baby Bop n Riff came out he goes all excited and everything. So he only likes Barney's "sidekicks" hehe~ Oh they sang one of his favourite song; If All the Raindrops, he was going Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh~ with them.

Then it ended all to fast :( though its a 90mins concert. And my camera took such lousy photos! Only some are ok, guess I have to figure out the settings for taking photos at concert. Here are some of the photos.

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