Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mummy naughty

Have been busy with the Motherhood Exhibition for the pass few days that I did not spend time with Little DinoEgg. By the time I reach home he is either going to sleep or have slept. Today I came home early as it was the last day of the exhibition, the house was in darkness, I thot both of them have already slept. Open the bedroom door quietly n greet with 2 pairs of big round eyes *lol*

Little DinoEgg greeted me with "mummy~" then "Mummy naughty! Dun wanna come home."

wahahaha~~ According to daddy, he has been asking for me for the pass nights but daddy says "Mummy go out." Thats why he say that out when he sees me. Gosh... wat to do with this little fella.

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