Monday, June 8, 2009

Wait for me ok?

This morning after his milk Little DinoEgg followed me to the kitchen. While rubbing his eyes he told me he wanted his fish jelly, I was not sure what he meant but I just say "Ok", thinking maybe later will search the dinning table for any party bags with the jelly. However, upon hearing my reply he turn to the fridge and open it (Hey, when did he know how to do tt???)

He took out from the fridge his red fish jelly and he gave it a kiss n smell it (He now has the habit of doing that!), put it at his face to feel the freeze. I told him to keep it n go to the room to change his clothes. He open the fridge n started to talk to the jelly =.=

"I put u here ok? U wait for me ya? Later I come n fetch u home ok?"

With that, he happily closed the fridge door n went with me to change his clothes... ...

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