Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caught the HFMD Virus

This morning at the school gate Teacher Adeline saw some red spots in Little DinoEgg's mouth, but he does not have fever. As he has just recovered from sore throat, Teacher Adeline thought its due to that but she say she will monitor. Off I went to work.

About an hour later, just when I made my cup of morning coffee, my phone rang... Teacher Adeline says more spots on the mouth and request me to fetch him home. I was soooooo lost, coz I am unable to take leave as the other admin colleague is on leave today, I can't locate mum (she off her HP again!), daddy is on his way to work and cannot fetch him.

So after trying to find mum for 30mins, I took morning leave n headed off to the school, all this while trying mum's Hp hoping to get hold of her. When that fails, I was hoping I am able to catch hold of her before she goes out after I fetch Little DinoEgg. No such luck... so we hang around there while Little DinoEgg watch tv n shut my eyes n think of a way out.

At 11am, we went to visit Dr Sharon who confirms that it HFMD *sigh*, there are alot of ulcers in his mouth but no red spots on his joints. I think this time its going to be a very bad one. We went off for a quick lunch at Mac then headed home where daddy says he took 1/2 day leave to take care of Little DinoEgg. Left him with FIL n went back to work.

While back to office in a cab, I text the school principal about confirmation of contracting HFMD and also Reuben to let him alert the other mummies. So much inconvenience caused! *sigh*

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