Friday, July 24, 2009

HFMD 2nd day

Ytd nite fever shot up to 39.5 deg n was around that temperature till 12am+ That is after we gave him the bullet. He was feeling listless n tired, keep complaining neck hot etc. We put his mattress in the living room coz its much cooler then the bed room, all of us slept in the living room.

Fever is like roller coaster, up n down from 39 deg to 37 deg. Around 12am when the temperature went down to 37 deg+ Little DinoEgg suddenly tell daddy that his tummy is empty n he is hungry =.= and he wants to eat macaroni! *faintz* so daddy have to cook 1 small bowl of macaroni (lucky we still have the tomato sauce), for him where he only ate half a bowl. Well better then nothing.

After his macaroni, we force him to go to bed coz its already 1am! Both me n daddy are already very tired but this little fella is still wide eyed n jumping around. I was suppose to stay up to monitor his fever but I knocked out a while after I hit the sack... oh sorry its the hard floor haha! We only have 1 small mattress so me n daddy have to sleep on the floor.

Today, the ulcers are more, covering his tongue too. It took Little DinoEgg a long long time to finish his lunch of kuay teow soup. While eating his tongue hurts n he insist that I use the tissue paper to clean the pain away... how to???

Fever still comes and go but its low one, not so much of a worry. We took a nap at 2.30pm and woke up 5hrs later! WOW! See how tired we both are... Well this creates another problem. How to make him sleep at his usual bed time at 9.30pm??? So now, at 10.30pm, Little DinoEgg is playing with his ball, his balloon, watching tv n irritating us!

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