Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to Enya~

Happy 1st Birthday to Enya~
Sweet little Angel~
Hope you are always happy n your smile melts a thousand hearts n more~

Headed off to Jo's house after Little DinoEgg woke up from his nap for Enya's birthday, time flies so fast~ This charming little Angel is turning 1 today! Its a small family n close frens affair. Auntie cooked all the dishes, the curry is super yummy~ and the kueh is delicious~ Had a chat with Jo, Meiling & Angeline, its been a long time since I meet up with them. Little DinoEgg enjoyed himself too~ playing with Ethan n sharing with him the toys. There were times where Ethan wanted the toy tt he is playing but I m proud of him coz when I told him to share with Ethan di-di, he almost immediately loosen his grip n give the toy to Ethan. Anyway kids being kids, it will not be fun if there are no fights for toys =)

I finally get to taste Pine Garden cake, like the rum n cookie (or watever its call), dun fancy the lychee one. Think Little DinoEgg also dun like the lychee favour coz after having a few mouthful he asked for the "butterfly" which is the cream.

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