Saturday, July 4, 2009

Soup oh my soup~

We headed off to Suntec to find daddy, a surprise visit for Little DinoEgg coz he thot we were going home straight. He was very happy to see daddy n in no time was into his mischievous self getting daddy annoyed... abit wasted my effort of bringing him there right?

Feeling famish I thought of Souperlicious n their yummy golden pumpkin soup *uummm~~~* Its only 10.30am n the shop is not open yet so we pop in Toys"R"Us to just walk around n waste time or so tts what my intention is. Not for this little fella... the min we were in, we were greeted by Transformer toys, robots, masks etc etc. Feeling a pinch of regret but then I told myself it should be ok. Well, Little DinoEgg started his "mummy wat is this?" n when I replied him, he will say "I want~" ... ... ... Of course I ignored him. Ok ok for a while, then I went around to find the cheapest car for him. Thought those normal pull back n let go car can satisfy him BUT NO WAY! He's got his eyes on one of the character frm Cars the movie, it cost $30+! Its a simple car, just tt when u shake it then car will sing song or say some sentences. Ok fine! Finally managed to find a remote control car where u can press the control to open n close the door, cool ya~ Anyway got him off the $30+ car haha~ And this cost half the price, $12.90 only.

After our "window" shopping in Toy"R"Us, we headed to Souperlicious~ WooHoo~~ I ordered goldne pumpkin soup n cheesy tuna sandwich for Little DinoEgg, Spicy Sze Chuan soup and fruit salad for myself. The soup comes with 4 slices of whole meal (or something) bread. So Little DinoEgg was happily drinking n dipping the bread into the soup, refuse to take the cheesy tuna sandwich. Ended up I have to find my soup, 1 sandwich, 1 bowl of fruit salad n half a bowl of pumpkin soup. Imagine how full I am! Luckily it was a satisfying meal. It took us an hour to slowly savour our soup n finally be done with it. Just in time to go home with daddy who has just knock off from work.

Home Home Home, to the comfy bed... feeling so drowsy n sleepy~

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