Sunday, August 23, 2009

All those Whinning!

I was in the kitchen washing some thing when I heard Little DinoEgg crying n whinning, stuck my head into the living room and saw him standing at the coffee table, face scrunch up. Asked him what happened n he goes;

Little DinoEgg : Ma-mmyyy!! *cry cry n stick out his right arm at me*
Me : What happened??

He took 2 steps n sat down kicking his legs n cry out Maa-mmyyyy again.
Me : Come closer to me, tell me what happened?

He took 3 steps n sat down kicking his legs AGAIN!

Little DinoEgg : Ma-mmyyy u see!!!! I cannot! I cannot!
Me : Stand up, walk to me and show me what happened! And stop whinning!!!

Reluctantly he walked up to me, stuck his right hand at me n guess wat... its coz he is unable to open his bakugan =.=

This is how bad his whining is... little bit of things he will whine, but plopping his butt butt on the floor n kicking is the 1st time! Which I definitely DO NOT wish to see in future!

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