Thursday, August 27, 2009

Usborne Books

Earlier this month I received a few discount vouchers from OCBC bank n it includes a MPH 20% discount for Usborne books (if u get 5 books n above). I have been wanting to get some Usborne books for Little DinoEgg (since the mistake I made with Ladybird books haha!) but did not have a chance to browse their online shops nor visit MPH.

Since I have this voucher, I thought "why not?" And this "why not" took me almost a month to materialize it *hhmmrrppphhhh* Too busy at work to go during lunch time or no chance to visit after work.

Anyway~ decided to go today coz the voucher expires end August! Better grab this chance!! Made arrangement with Granny to pick up Little DinoEgg and made my way down to MPH Raffles Place.

After browsing through the Usborne books, unsure which series to get (Level 1, Level 2 or what??), I decided to get the following First Reading books;

1. The Fox and the Stork
2. The Fox and the Crow
3. The Wish Fish
4. The Sun and the Wind
5. Little Children's Cookbook (this is more for myself)

The reason for finally decided to get the above story books coz I remember they are simple fable story that Little DinoEgg will understand. Also I thought its time he recognise some simple words, though I am sure the schoool did teach him, just that I want have some assurance myself hehehee~ Ok ok I am an anxious mum, but which mum will not be???

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