Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our 2nd Play

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf~

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Its The Boy Who Cried Wolf day!

After Boogie Bug we had a quick brunch at Mac n headed off to SRT. Hmm... the address is kinda confusing, the taxi uncle was lost, we have to seek direction from 1 of the security guard who kindly pointed us the way. It was at the other side of the road... not exactly at the address given.

By the time we reached the place, its abt 10mins to the start of the play! Rushing like mad, then some one gave me a poster n told me to "put up the lamb ears", i was like HUH?? I looked around n the kids were wearing lamb ears on their head. OH! So the lamb ears can be found in the poster! DUHZ! I tear the thing out n trying my best to fix it up but got vexed coz the thing jus wouldn't fix and u need a stapler! grrrrr!!! Went to hunt one n managed to fix it up, thou it was abit hmm.. ugly... but make do lah :P

Quickly went into the theater, got a booster seat n went to our seat. 3rd roll, by the side, but not too bad, still able to see every thing.

The setting is of a meadow with a backdrop of a castle far away. There are stuff lambs around the stage too, with soft bleats occasionally. Makes u feel like u are really in a meadow n the wind is blowing softly.

When the play starts, the Big Bad Wolf suddenly jumped out and said Hello~ Haha~ harmless as it seems, it did give a little girl sitting at the 1st row the fright of her life n she wail n wail n wail non stop. Its was kinda distracting n I was getting abit impatient, well the daddy finally decided to bring her out while instructing the older daughter to sit n watch n dun move. Peace finally!

Little DinoEgg was very calm n attentive, perhaps coz this is his 2nd play? Or maybe its coz he was not sleepy yet. Or coz it was an interactive play n the Big Bad Wolf insist everyone in answering or singing with him LOL.

Everything went well till the Big Bag Wolf tied the Boy to a tree n start putting the lambs into a HUGE pot. Little DinoEgg told me he dun want to watch any more n want to go home. I think he could not bear to watch the lambs being cooked. I have to explain to him that its fake, play believe n its not real lambs. Luckily the Daddy came out n chase the Big Bad Wolf away n took out the lambs from the Big Pot. Otherwise Little DinoEgg will start his crying n demand to be brought out of the theater *phew*

It was a good show~ very lively n comical with a catchy tune. We absolutely enjoy it alot!

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

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