Friday, August 14, 2009

Shhsshhh & Shar-tub!

We have never fancy our neighobour's 2 CHH coz they are very noisy. They bark at everything n every one, plus they can go on n on n on n on! With their sharp barks it can really irks u to the max. And you thought by being neighbours for 5yrs they would have know our scent, well you are wrong! The minute we stepped out of the lift they will start barking madly. I have since taught Little DinoEgg not to make noise when he stepped out of the lift; usually he will be either laughing, screaming, jumping or running.

Recently he has been the one whispering to me when we are out of the lift "shhhshhh~~ dun wake up the dogs." Then he will tip toe to our door n goes "sshhhsshhh~" when I open the gate n door. And if we are "unlucky" n the dogs came tearing to their door barking madly, Little DinoEgg will say "SEE! I told you to SSHHHSSHHH!"

Sometimes when the dogs are barking the minute we are out of the lift, Little DinoEgg got irritated by their barking, he will shout at them "Shar-Tub!" Of coz this one is taught by yours truly haha~ when I have a tired day n their barking is really too much for me to bear even for that few seconds.

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