Saturday, September 5, 2009

Animal Farm

After our short visit to the mushroom farm, we took a long walk to the Animal Farm next door. Ok ok "next door" is jus a description... it took us 15-20mins to walk there! On top of that there were mossies every where!!!! They attack every one except me (hahaha!), I was killing them while walking, slapping Little DinoEgg's arms, legs or Steven's arms (he was walking in front of me) who thought I am crazy to suddenly slapped him LOL I have to show him the crashed mossies bodies to let him know tt I am not crazy.

Oh and I discourage you to walk from the mushroom farm to the animal farm coz we met a pack of 5 big dogs. They came running out from the bushes towards us, eyeing n sizing us... Me n Little DinoEgg was walking in front, I practically freeze on my tracks and pulled him behind me. Then Steven walked up, him being bigger build n all, stared at the leader of the pack and walk towards it. Being threaten, he turned n ran off into the bushes, the rest of the pack running after it *phew*

After a long walk, we finally reached Animal Farm! The kids were delighted to see horse, goat, the bunnies, guinea pigs, roaster, hen n a stork!

We stayed for about half an hour and left the place. As there are no public transport n we do not drive, we decided to walk out. May & Enry drove off as they are not joining us for dinner.

Its such dangerous walk out to the main road. There are no path way on the road n there are alot of cement mixers coming out. The road was super dusty so when the heavy vehicles pass by a gust of dust n dirt will be blown up n onto our faces. In the end for safety reason, we have to carry the kids. And after FOREVER! ok ok 30mins later we finally reach the main road and towards our dinning place!

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