Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mushroom Farm Visit

Our mushroom visit organise by ME! haha~ Thought it will be something interesting for the kids but was kinda disappointed. The "tour" is only to one of the cold growing house where we jus walk the whole a sparsely lighted area aimlessly n seeing the mushroom. It was after we walk the whole house that the person in charge did a brief introduction of the growing house etc. It was over in like 15mins (including walking in the growing house). The kids are abit confused though, wondering why they are in this semi dark room walking up n down the rows of shelves.

Well I guess the adults or the mummies are the happiest haha~ At the end of the tour, we laid our hands on their different flavour mushroom soups. I bought a pack of 3 mushroom sauages, a pack of 6 mushroom n meat patty, 1 clam chowder mushroom soup n 1 mushroom soup.

~ Group Photo~

~Frozen soup, patty n sausages~

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