Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boogie Bug - Moving on

Today is the last day at the toddlers class~ Initially Reuben told me that the older class is full thus there may not be a place for Little DinoEgg, I was so disappointed! Then after the class, while sending out the toddlers and the older kids starts arriving he saw a little Japanese girl, then he remembered that she will be going back to home town SOOOO there is a place for Little DinoEgg afterall! Woohooo!!!!

I think Little DinoEgg's toddlers classmates will be happy to see him graduate haha~ coz he is too active, too loud, n since he is older he can respond to Rueben & Mark's questions faster.

Lets hope the new class which is starting 2 weeks later (Boogie Bug taking a week break as its school holiday) will be more challenging for us.

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